• DDC Monitoring has been known as Direct Digital Control. It has a high level of control to build up mechanical and electrically system & offers high ability digital controls with trending equipment. DDC Monitoring integration can occur with any type of mechanical or electrical system in the building.


  • HVAC Monitoring App has been easier to use for a professional person as it helps for remote work monitor, control, diagnose, and Service HVAC System.
  • Benefits of HVAC
  • Remote HVAC & Diagnosing Service
  • Commission Simplified
  • Support for Hybrid HVAC Installation
  • Helps to get a real-time system error notification


  • The BMS Monitoring APP is fully designed to meet the toughest for Managing and Protecting the Battery packs for electrical vehicles and hybrids with automotive-grade quality. It has many basic features like the Current & voltage Protection system, thermal management, field-programmable, etc. Atech Engineering Ltd, a research & development company focusing on developing solutions for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.


  • To extinguish the Building Automation control BAC Net App is an Ideal protocol for building automation and control networks. It has been used for both International and Voluntary purpose with (ISO) for cooperating building device. It has been recognized App for building Systems, building automation & control the application. Atech professional is always happy to help you in building your automation system.


  • The BMS Cloud App has been an ideal measure for the measure, monitor, analyze, and automate all automation systems on the cloud management platform. All the integration processes can be done on BMS cloud App and it secures your data with ease of professional management.


  • There are many HVAC Control App but Atech engineering provides you the additional benefits of monitoring and cool remote access with easy integration with our professional guides which makes your work easier and management functionality can be maintained.

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